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Fatal motorcycle crash kills one

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

It is an unfortunate state of affairs that motorists often do not pay attention to the road and others on it. As a result, they end up severely injuring or even killing someone. When a collision takes place between a motorist and a motorcyclist though, the injuries are often very serious. Motorcyclists do not have any protections against the road, other than their helmets. As a result, they can get thrown from their motorcycles and sustain serious head and spinal injuries.

A recent motorcycle accident in North Carolina demonstrates the dangers of such a crash. A 32-year-old man was heading north on the highway on his motorcycle when a 46-year-old woman made a left turn in front of him. As a result, the motorcyclist struck the passenger side of the vehicle and was thrown from the motorcycle. The accident victim ended up dying from his injuries. The woman who caused the accident faces criminal charges, though alcohol is not considered a factor in the accident.

Civil suits proceed independently from criminal charges. Civil suits, either personal injury or wrongful death, can be pursued to cover the medical, financial and emotional costs that accompany an accident that irrevocably changes the life of accident victims and their loved ones.

Though nothing can replace the loss family members undergo when they lose a loved one in a fatal accident, a wrongful death lawsuit may be one way to both hold a negligent party accountable and ease the financial burden associated with an accident. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney for guidance on one’s options.


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