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Pursuing a vicarious liability claim? Consider legal assistance

| Nov 29, 2019 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Recently on this blog, we discussed how vicarious liability applies to truck accident cases. Considering this legal theory can be crucial to successfully recovering the compensation you need and deserve, but going up against well-known trucking companies can be unnerving. This is especially true given the fact that aggressive, experienced law firms often represent them.

Therefore, in order to stand a chance against these companies, commercial vehicle accident victims need to think about seeking out a legal advocate who can help them develop the winning arguments they need to maximize their chances of success on a vicarious liability claim.

This zealous representation can take many forms. An attorney can start by engaging in thorough discovery, whereby information that is pertinent to the case is obtained from the other side. This may include requesting documentation showing an employee-employer relationship, written interrogatories seeking answers to important questions and depositions to lock down the testimony of key witnesses.

After that, a skilled attorney can help negotiate resolution, only accepting a settlement agreement that is appropriate under the circumstances. If negotiations fail, then a skilled litigator can take the case to trial in hopes of persuading a judge and jury to impose liability and award compensation.

Most truck accident victims don’t have the time to conduct the legal research necessary to accomplish these tasks. Yet, the legal team at The Law Offices of John M McCabe is adept at handling truck accident and vicarious liability claims.

We have a firm understanding of the law as it applies to these types of accidents, as well as a solid grasp on how to develop compelling legal strategies that are persuasive to defense attorneys, judges, and juries.


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