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Car accident claims and the discovery process

| Jan 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

North Carolinians who have been injured in a car accident often have extensive damages with which to deal. They may suddenly be subjected to physical pain and limitations, their emotional well-being may be threatened and their finances can take a significant hit in the form of unexpected medical expenses, rehabilitative costs and lost wages. The good news is that compensation may be recoverable if a negligent driver was responsible for the injurious car accident in question.

Succeeding in personal litigation can be challenging, though. There are evidentiary rules that must be adhered to, and failing to utilize them to one’s advantage to buttress a persuasive legal strategy can be severely damaging to a case. This is why it is often beneficial for injured individuals to engage in thorough discovery when pursuing one of these claims.

In its most basic terms, discovery is the process whereby information is gathered from the other side. Discovery can take many forms. Written interrogatories are questions that must be answered by the other side. Depositions allow for the recording of sworn testimony. Requests for admissions require the other party to admit or deny certain facts.

Each of these can streamline litigation and give clues as to how the defense will develop its strategy. Once fully informed through the discovery process, an injured individual can rest assured that they can develop the best legal arguments possible under the circumstances.

Discovery can be just as complicated and challenging as litigation itself. Additionally, the way in which the discovery process plays out can be crucial to one’s success at trial. This is because during discovery witness testimony can be pinned down, important facts can be revealed and a party can determine which elements of a claim will be the most contested.


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