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Study indicates car accident-daylight saving time link

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Car Accidents

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, the danger of an auto accident seems to lurk around every corner. Often, these are linked to recklessness, texting and driving, DUI and other preventable factors. There is another relatively understated danger that happens every spring: daylight saving time.

Although there are perceived benefits to daylight saving time, there are still risks. Because people lose an hour of sleep, there is a better chance for drowsy driving. Research indicates that there is a greater chance of a collision the first week of work after the clocks have sprung forward. The University of Colorado, Boulder conducted a study that found the number of fatal crashes rises by 6% during that time. This equals around 28 more fatalities annually.

Some states have considered ending the practice. Other studies have linked the time change to people experiencing heart issues and suffering injuries at work immediately after daylight saving. Researchers analyzed nearly 733,000 auto accidents from 1996 to 2017. Daylight saving was a clear factor in many accidents. This was proven even further by studying the difference between daylight saving coming about in March starting in 2007. Prior to that, it came about in April. There was an accompanying spike in accidents.

Not only does the loss of sleep contribute to auto accidents, but the need to drive with different amounts of light and combating the sun’s glare and dusk was also problematic. Overall, 627 people have lost their lives because of accidents connected to daylight saving. Whether an accident was due to daylight saving, talking or texting, drowsiness, speeding or any other factor, knowing what steps to take in the aftermath is important. A legal filing might be needed to recover compensation for what was lost. A experienced law firm may help.


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