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Security door broken? Your landlord should make repairs

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

You’ve been telling your landlord for several weeks that you believe the front entrance isn’t locking like it’s supposed to. When you enter the building, you’re supposed to have to use a code. That code allows you in, and then the door shuts and locks behind you. At that point, you walk into the hallway, where you can move on to your specific home.

The trouble with poor security is that it opens all of you in the apartment complex to the risk of burglaries or robberies. You know that there is at least one person who moved here to get away from an abusive partner, too, and the last thing you’d want to see is for them to get hurt as a result of that broken security door.

What should you do if you’re harmed as a result of your landlord’s lack of maintenance or repairs?

It can be assumed that having that security lock was part of the appeal of moving into this apartment. It makes sense that you’re worried not only about yourself but also about those around you who may be hurt as a result of the failing device on the door.

It is your landlord’s responsibility to provide you with a safe place to live. That typically includes repairing broken items, like locks and security features, so that you and the others who live there can feel more at ease.

Landlords may need a reasonable amount of time to make the repairs that you’ve requested. For instance, if you ask for repairs on a Monday, they might need to order parts and could need a few days to get that repair started. If the repair still hasn’t taken place after a week, you should ask about it again. Sometimes, people do forget about repairs. However, if your landlord continues to brush you off or says that they won’t repair the damaged item, it might be something to discuss with your attorney, especially in the case that you are harmed as a result of the lax security measures at your complex.

You may be worried about causing trouble and complaining while you live in your apartment complex, but your landlord absolutely should keep up on the maintenance of the facility. No one should have to live in fear because of broken security locks or damaged doors that allow anyone to walk into the building without the appropriate codes or keys.


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