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What’s the purpose of accident reconstruction?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you’ve passed by the site of a catastrophic motor vehicle crash, then you might have seen investigators taking measurements or photographs. What you may not have seen them doing is simulating different chains of events to see what the results would be. This is often what accident reconstructionists do.

Accident reconstructionists often are knowledgeable in many different scientific fields, including physics, and have significant expertise in mathematics or engineering. They use the measurements and photographic data compiled by crash scene investigators as a jumping-off point to conduct a much more thorough investigation in to what may have transpired that caused a catastrophic accident to happen.

These reconstructionists often rely on their training about the inner workings of the throttle, steering, suspension and braking systems and tires as they carry out their analysis. They’re often well-trained in how certain human behaviors or environmental factors may result in certain types of collisions. This expertise aids them in honing in on who’s responsible for a crash.

An accident reconstructionist is supposed to be an impartial third party. The insight that they gain in to a crash may allow two parties involved in litigation to better make sense of who was responsible for a crash. This can help victims and their attorneys justify why they’re holding a motorist responsible for medical and other accident-related costs.

While accident reconstructionists spend time reviewing witness statements, looking at weather reports and data that crash scene investigators have compiled, their job isn’t to simply analyze this information.

Accident reconstructionists often bring in high-tech equipment such as 3-dimensional laser scanners to aid them in compiling additional and more comprehensive information. These devices can help accident reconstructionists capture countless data points from objects or scenes that might take crash scene investigators a lot of time and effort to do on their own.

Establishing liability in some accident cases is fairly straightforward. There are incidents such as multi-car pileups and hit-and-runs that are far more difficult to make sense of. Your attorney may want to call in an accident reconstructionist to strengthen your position for why you should receive compensation for any injuries that you have suffered.


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