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Who can you sue if road debris injures you?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

You never know what you may find when traveling along the road here in Cary. It’s sadly common for a motorist’s load to go flying in the air. While debris that flies off of passenger cars isn’t likely to do much damage to you or your car, objects that become dislodged from commercial vehicles such as ladders, furniture, tree limbs or a towed car may cause serious injuries or kill.

Government officials here in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country spend billions of dollars cleaning up the roadways due to litter and junk that ends up strewn about our roads every year.

Passenger car operators are the most responsible for stirring up this debris. This is why you’ll often find anything from Christmas trees to appliances and furniture to tools, lumber, garbage and even mattresses in or alongside the road. These items generally aren’t secured very well and are easily ejected from a vehicle when it hits a bump.

Some of the more serious incidents though involve commercial vehicles such as open bed trucks, construction company vehicles and car carriers. These are the ones most apt to have heavier tree limbs on board, building materials or improperly secured vehicles on them. All of these may easily become projectiles, especially if multiple items come loose or one of these vehicle’s operators is traveling at a fast rate of speed.

Motorists often make missteps that put them at risk of losing control of their vehicles when they see objects coming in their car’s direction. Safety analysts often recommend that motorists allow these objects to strike their cars rather than trying to swerve around them. Either choice can result in a less-than-desirable result.

It’s ideal if you have a dashcam on in your vehicle recording at all times in case one of the above-referenced types of incidents occurs. That’s not practical for most motorists though.

This is why you must dial 911 immediately following any instance such as this. You should file a police report so that there’s a legal description of what took place on the record.

Incidents that result in drivers, motorcyclists pedestrians and bicyclists getting struck by flying debris happen all too often. An attorney can help you recover the monetary compensation and other damages that you’re entitled to if after suffering serious injuries in an incident here in North Carolina.


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