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Truck drivers need to pass their biennial medical exams

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Truck Accidents

There are many medical conditions that can affect truck drivers. That’s why they are required to pass a physical exam and to obtain a medical card from the Department of Transportation.

Truck drivers need to pass several tests before they can get their licenses. Some include color distinction tests, cardiovascular tests and blood pressure testing. These tests and others make sure that the driver is as healthy as possible if they’re going to be driving such a large vehicle.

Unfortunately, many people still end up in crashes with truck drivers because of their unhealthiness. DOT physicals and medical exams are only good for 24 months, so if a driver is traveling without a medical card, they are in violation of the DOT’s regulations. Additionally, they could be putting themselves and others at risk.

What should you do if you’re involved in a crash because of a truck driver’s health?

If you’re hurt because the truck driver suffers from a medical emergency, it’s worth talking to your attorney about the DOT physical exam and if the driver’s medical card was still good. If it wasn’t, then you’ll have a stronger case and may be able to hold the driver and their employer liable for your injuries.

Even if they have a valid card, their issues are what led to your collision, so you should still be able to file a claim. As a victim of a large truck crash, you may have many injuries to cope with, and a personal injury claim is just one way that you can seek out the money you need.


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