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When are crash scene investigators called in to investigate?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Truck Accidents

It’s common for the North Carolina motorists to summon police to a crash scene after being involved in a crash.

The law enforcement officers that report to the accident scene generally take down witness reports and some photographs of what happened. If there’s any confusion about who was responsible for causing the crash, then the police might have crash scene investigators report to the scene. It’s the latter party’s job to reconstruct the accident to determine what factors contributed to or caused the collision. It’s particularly important that this happens if the accident resulted in someone’s severe injuries or death.

Two parties perform crash scene investigations; law enforcement officers and independent investigators.

The police officers’ investigation aims to determine if a motorist engaged in any criminal activity that could have resulted in the crash. Law enforcement officers also look for various indicators to include or exclude criminality, including signs of speeding, alcohol or drug use or mechanical failure. If a truck was involved in the crash, then police officers may also look to see if the trucker was operating their tractor-trailer outside of service hours.

Insurance companies and attorneys are generally the ones that hire independent investigators. Lawyers often hire them to determine the cause of the accident to assess liability and financial responsibility. Independent investigators are often retired or off-duty police officers, engineers or automotive technologists, yet they can come from any number of backgrounds.

One of the first things that inspectors often do as part of their investigation is to evaluate the vehicle’s damage. They can tell a lot by looking at this, including how fast a car might have traveled when the crash occurred.

They look for skid marks, signs of braking, steering, lighting and vehicle suspension problems and the car’s tires’ condition. Investigators may also analyze a motorist’s driving record or audit a trucker’s logbooks and safety records.

Crashes between tractor-trailers happen quite often in North Carolina. There are various reasons that these types of accidents occur, including due to mechanical failure and driver errors. These types of crashes can result in a motorist suffering significant injuries or losing their life. An attorney will want to know more about the nature of your Cary crash before letting you know whether a crash scene investigator on board may enhance your case.


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