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Hit-and-run auto accident seriously injures charity worker

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even with the holiday season radically changed by the ongoing health crisis, the roads of North Carolina are still busy. With that, motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning and cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Among the most vulnerable are pedestrians. For people who have been impacted by this type of accident and are concerned about the aftermath, it is wise to understand the importance of legal assistance.

Woman working for Salvation Army hit by vehicle while walking home

A 57-year-old woman who was working as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army was hit by a car as she was heading home after her shift. The accident happened at approximately 8:45 p.m. She was close to the intersection when she was hit. Following the crash, the driver of the vehicle that hit her drove off, making it a hit-and-run. Law enforcement eventually found the sedan that hit her. The driver and his mother were arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run. The mother was charged because she allegedly advised her son to leave. The injured woman was within short walking distance of her residence when she was hit. She was hospitalized and reportedly in critical condition.

Long-term challenges can arise after a pedestrian crash

Because pedestrians are completely unprotected, they can suffer severe, life-changing injuries if they are hit by a car. These accidents often lead to a fatality. If a person survives, they will likely need to be hospitalized, receive various forms of treatment and rehabilitation, and deal with obstacles in returning to the life they lived before the crash. It is imperative to think about the future considering the financial, personal and physical ramifications they may face. To cover for all that was lost in the present and future, a legal filing might be needed to recover sufficient compensation.

Legal assistance might be necessary for a successful claim

After motor vehicle accidents, drivers are expected to remain at the scene, check to see if anyone needs medical attention, and exchange insurance information. Those who fail to do so will be committing a hit-and-run, potentially leaving the injured person without care and causing any injuries to be worse than they might otherwise be. When there is a hit-and-run pedestrian accident, it is important for a victim and the victim’s family to be aware of their rights. The woman who was hurt and hospitalized may benefit from having legal assistance to gather evidence and move forward with a case. Calling for a consultation is the first step.



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