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What education and training does OSHA require?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Working in manufacturing puts you at risk of some serious injuries if you are not aware of proper safety standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration helps to ensure you stay safe by setting specific guidelines for training and education.

According to OSHA, your employer must provide you with training and education about all potential safety hazards within your workplace. This includes teaching you the skills you need to properly and safely operate the equipment.

Every level

Not only does your employer have to ensure that all workers have the right training, but it also must ensure all levels of management also have the same training. In addition, managers and supervisors have to have more training to learn how to keep workers safe and what to do in emergency situations. They also need training on how to prevent safety hazards.

Training requirements

OSHA requires that your employer provide you with a program that includes specific things. It must have a section that explains to you what the training will cover and why it is important. It also must include a section that lets everyone know their roles and responsibilities. Then, you need to receive training and education specific to your role and position.

For example, if you operate a certain machine, then you would receive training on how to do that safely. If you rotate positions, then you would need training on all the various machines or equipment you will use.

The program also needs to include training about identifying and handling hazards. Your employer should have a simple plan in place that makes it easy for you to report any issues.

Safety training in manufacturing is a group effort, and everyone should take it seriously.


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