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Vehicle airbags exist to protect drivers in the event of a collision. By inflating at the moment of shock, they cushion the blow. When they function as the designers intend, heads and other body parts do not experience harm.

While airbags do save lives, they sometimes contain flaws. Motor vehicle injuries from airbag malfunctions deserve compensation. Have your local dealer verify that yours is functioning correctly to avoid tragedy.


Modern cars have electronic boxes that record everything about their usage. This data includes speed, braking, and impact information. Modern airbags communicate with these sensors to tell them when they should deploy. Improperly functioning sensors may trigger airbags without reason. Another possibility is that they fail to inflate when an accident does occur.


Airbags made by manufacturer Takata between 2014 and 2017 are dangerous. They contain a propellant that causes them to explode. When they come apart, harmful bits come flying toward those in the vehicles. Too many drivers and passengers are no longer with us because of this.


Some airbags depend on chemical agents to function. In a wreck, airbags may tear and release these gasses. Many problems can arise after this happens, including intense breathing troubles. In worst-case situations, the victim endures a loss of sight or hearing.

Individuals experiencing one of these scenarios can suffer many types of long-term effects. Besides pain and suffering, medical costs are expensive. Severe harm might create an inability to work, further draining personal savings. Have your dealer check this safety mechanism and verify its condition.


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